Writer and media personality, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, is a journalist, columnist, media leader (he oversaw a major revival at the weekly magazine Le Point), essayist and novelist.
In his lecture, he will explain his passion for writing: “Of course,” he says, “I write to tell my characters’ stories, but in all my novels, I’ve always sought to tell certain truths that they allowed me to unearth, to develop. For example, on the reasons behind the rise of Nazism in Le schmock; on the excesses of the French Revolution in L’Arracheuse de dents; on the dreadful 20th century produced by Hitler, Stalin and Mao in La cuisinière d’Himmler and on our own era of heatwaves and coronavirus in Dernier été.”
He adds that of all literary genres, the novel is the most complete, the one that brings them all together: from poetry to philosophy,  “That’s why I want to talk to you about the world, our changing world and my struggles,” he says.


Franz-Olivier Giesbert will address our forum on the subject of “Why I Write”.