Les Grandes Conférences Catholiques

‘Franz-Olivier Giesbert’

25 Nov.'21
- 20:30

Why I Write

Straddling the media and literary worlds, Franz-Olivier Giesbert is a journalist, columnist, media director (he gave the weekly news magazine Le Point an enormous boost), essayist and novelist.

During his conference, he will talk about his passion for writing: “Of course,” he explained, “I write to tell my characters’ stories. But in all my novels, I’ve always tried to convey and examine truths that my characters helped me to uncover.” Le Schmock explores the reasons behind the rise of Nazism; L’arracheuse de dents examines the excesses of the French revolution; La cuisinière d’Himmler sheds light on the 20th century calamities caused by Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Dernier été explores current themes, such as extreme heat and the Coronavirus.

Of all literary genres, the novel is the most complete, he adds. It includes poetry, philosophy… “That is why I chose to talk about the world, about our changing world and my struggles.”

Franz-Olivier Giesbert’s conference is titled: Why I write.

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