The only way to create a fair and equal society is for the society to recognize the role of women in achieving it. The chair Mahmoud Darwich/BOZAR and Xeno embrace this idea to present What world are we dreaming in?, two evenings devoted to the art of protest and commitment of principally female (or who identify themselves as female) and LGBTQI+ artists. The intersection of social inequalities linked to gender, origin, sexual orientation and social class is the source for the artist’s creative and critical expression. This project was conceived during the Brussels lockdown and questions our relationship to the present and future.  

Created in Brussels in 2019, Xeno is both a travelling artistic platform and a research laboratory on feminist and intersectional issues. Founded by the Tunisian artist Ichraf Nasri, Xeno- promotes and supports artists through the production of cultural and artistic events with special emphasis on racialized, minoritized and LGBTQI+ artists.

Programme 17.09

Programme 18.09