‘Dans quel monde rêvons-nous ?’

18 Sept.'20
- 19:00

Day 2

To start the evening, Pauline Mikó presents PLUIES, a sound and performance project. A system of sensors and electrodes connected to the leaves of plants and to the artist's body, generates a bioelectric exchange and transforms it into sound by means of a modular synthesizer. The sound waves are then modulated to produce music. Mixing nature and technology, Pauline Mikó offers a unique sensorial experience that places organic life at the centre of our communities and permits dialogue with nature.    

The concert by Cyborg Amzon, alias Diana Dobrescu, transports the listener to a completely different aesthetic atmosphere. From the intergenerational to the interface, Diana Dobrescu, and her digital identity Cyborg Amazon, don an audio costume to regenerate the ecofeminist message and, in the artist's own words, "to rediscover and transmit the feminine power that was destroyed by the patriarchy."  

The evening will end with a truly gripping experience. Chair futur is an evolving project initiated by artists Małgorzata Rabczuk and Mélanie Peduzzi. It explores and affirms an ecofeminist stance in a future lying between utopias and dystopias. The artists are invited to show a phase of their work by means of a screening. These sequences are meant to be recorded on chips and implanted in different parts of the artists’ bodies during their performances. The sequences can then be viewed by audiences who capture the chips’ data using their smartphones to scan the performers’ bodies.


Programme 18.09

19:00 Concert-performance: PLUIES
19:45 Concert: Cyborg Amazon 

20:30 Video screenings:

1 - COMET 01 de LEL-Louise Leconte et Lisa Lapierre - première

2 - SOLENE (Douleur divine) de Juila Maura - première

3 - CHAIR FUTUR de Mélanie Peduzzi et Małgorzata Rabczuk - première

4 - GREEN DEEP de Alice Pallot, Simon De Deuille et Elena Seegres


Programme 17.09

Practical information


Toit-terrasse Errera - Dakterras Errera

Rue Royale 10 - Koningsstraat 1000 Brussels

Booking in advance required.

All the events will be organised ‘corona proof’, in accordance with to the protocol for the cultural sector. Please check out our COVID-measures to visit BOZAR in all safety.

At the initiative of chair Mahmoud Darwich, as part of BOZAR Open Air. Curated by Ichraf Nasri / Xén(o)- Asbl (Tunis/Brussels). As part of the Tunisia Year of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.​​​​​​​


Thanks to Pianofabriek.