The first evening will open with Horror & King Baxter, a sound performance of eco-feminist science fiction stories during which Baxter and Horror are the sound messengers of a painful age from Earth, calling for a xenofeminist revolt in four chapters: water, earth, air, fire.  

Next up is a concert by Laryssa Kim, the Italian-Congolese composer based in Brussels. She transports her audience in a ritualistic experience, an oneiric trance, through pools of sound and loops of voice, sound and rhythm, accompanied by visuals.  

The triptych closes with a series of artists' video screenings on the relationship between women and the world, concerns that range from the quest for roots in Cameroon, a reflection on our ecological impact and a dialogue centred on eco-sex. These pieces deconstruct repressive cultural and social constraints as well as the mechanisms by which women are repressed, and highlight a plurality of female identities.


Programme 17.09

19:00 Horror & King Baxter (Performance "balaineS")

19:45 Concert: Laryssa Kim

20:30 Video screenings: À l’Ouest by Violaine Le Fur & Amor Vegetal by Małgorzata Rabczuk


Programme 18.09