‘YOUth Day’

11 May'20
- 10:00

Next Generation, Please!

On Monday 11 May, young people from secondary and higher education will get together to take part in a free and double interactive guided tour, as part of YOUth Day. The main topics are: the appropriation of places, identity, consumption and intergenerational dialogue.

During the first part, an experienced BOZAR guide takes the young visitors on an exploratory tour of the Centre For Fine Arts. The Art Deco monument, designed by the architect Victor Horta, has been Belgium's largest art house since it opened in 1928. Many popular and less-known tales dwell behind the façade of the iconic building. The guides join the pupils and students in their quest for answers to questions such as: “Who decides what shall be heritage?” and “Who owns such public monuments?”. 

During the second part, the young people are required to think about identity, consumption and diversity during a visit to the interactive exhibition Next Generation, Please!. This exhibition, developed and designed by young people, covers topics such as feminism, climate change, migration, citizenship and politics. This part of the visit is handled by the young artists themselves, and features discussions with the pupils and students.  

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels



Secondary Education

Higher Education