Kinderen op het podium gooien enthousiast hun armen in de lucht

Participative projects

Participation is an essential part of our cultural mission. It is an active key for the emancipation of individuals in our society. It is even a constitutional right, laid down in article 23 of the Belgian Constitution which, under point 5, bestows upon every citizen the right to "social and cultural fulfilment." 

Our participative approach not only stimulates the diversity of our public but also invites all members of that public to play an active role and participate in the artistic experience. Our participative projects are thus also based on the concept of educuration: an approach in which the visitor is central and which is based on cooperation between curator and educator on an equal footing.

Strong roots in the city and close cooperation with various partners with extensive knowledge of the field and target audiences are other fundamental characteristics of our participative projects.