‘Le Discours’

2 Feb.'21
- 12:40

L'ESACT - Conservatoire Royal de Liège

Le Discours is based on Aimé Césaire’s extraordinary text, an act of indictment and liberation, a pamphlet both extremely brutal and superbly written. In the trail of the great manifestos of civilisation, Le Discours is a vibrant tribute to the value of black traditions, whose colonisation marked the extinction of so many cultures. Khadim Fall and Lorie-Joy Ramanaïdou, two young Afro-descendants, show that it has lost none of its relevance today. One lives on the African continent, the other on European soil. They came together around a shared desire to work on this masterpiece by Aimé Césaire: “Le Discours was born of a desire for collaboration and a need for answers, if any can be found – a need to rejoice and to declare: we don’t want to take part in this.”

Khadim Fall


Lorie-Joy Ramanaidou


Felix Matagne


Gabrielle Guy

set design



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