To make sure you have a comfortable and safe experience, please keep in mind the following rules and guidelines.

1. Come early
We will open our doors 1 hour before the start of the event so you can enter safely and within the rules of social distancing.

2. Check your entrance
The Centre for Fine Arts now has four different entrances. A letter code on your ticket indicates which is your entrance: A, B, C or D. Here you can see the different entrances.

Expositions: Entrance A 
Chamber Music Hall and Studio: Entrance B 
Hall Henry Le Boeuf: Entrance A (until 29.10.2020)

3. Entrance = Exit
After the concert you leave the venue the same way you entered. To ensure that the rules of social distancing can be respected the audience will be asked to leave the venue in stages.

4. Bring your face mask
Face masks are obligatory in the building - before, during and after the event for all visitors over the age of 12.

5. Your seat is safe
Don’t worry: we have devised our floorplans so that every designated seat respects the rules of social distancing.

6. Digital concert programmes
We do not sell any paper concert programmes. For most concerts you can find your free programme on the webpage of the event. We offer two versions: one you can print at home and one you can consult during the performance on your smartphone (low light version).

7. No cloakrooms
Our cloakrooms are closed. You can exceptionally bring your coat and your umbrella into the concert hall.

8. Extra toilet facilities
We have extended our toilet facilities. The colour indicated on your ticket and the signs around the concert hall will guide you to your designated bathroom area.

9. No intermissions
All our events are without intermission. 

10. Drinks and snacks
The bar, Café Victor and BOZAR RESTAURANT are temporarily closed.

11. Groups
Group visits (with or without a guide) are only allowed with reservation. Check out our FAQs for groups for more information.