Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

‘Moussem Cities Teheran | Pouya Ehsaei Trio’

4 Feb.'23
- 20:30

In just one evening, Moussem Cities Teheran is staging two concerts featuring artists from the new Iranian alternative scene.  In the first part of the evening, producer Pouya Ehsaei will be serving up experimental, hypnotic electronic music, rich in polyrhythms, grainy textures and diverse influences (jazz, breakbeat, techno, traditional Iranian music, etc.).  Well-received on the illustrious stages of the Barbican Centre and the Royal Albert Hall, Pouya Ehsaei is coming to Bozar to share a moment of sonic exploration with the talented clarinettist and improviser Mona Matbou Riahi and the deeply moving pianist and singer Golnar Shahyar.  

Make the experience last even longer by discovering the second group in the evening: Marjan Farsad.

▷▶︎▷ Want to double your pleasure for a very small price? 

A combined ticket allowing you to attend the two concerts of the evening is on sale for 30 euros, i.e. a saving of 12 euros!
Make the most of the evening to discover Shekki Club: a free installation open to everyone that allows you to compose your own music using samples of traditional and electronic Iranian music.  Pure musical pleasure on the horizon!

Pouya Eshaei
Mona Matbou
Golnar Shahyar
piano , vocals



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Moussem Cities Teheran

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