‘Moussem Cities Teheran | Marjan Farsad’

4 Feb.'23
- 22:00

After Pouya Ehsaei's concert, the Moussem Cities Teheran musical evening at Bozar continues with Marjan Farsad. Under the ingenuous and colourful contours of her illustrations and melodies, the Iranian artist delivers a profound art of dark and penetrating beauty. Born in Tehran, the singer-songwriter, illustrator, animator and social activist writes, composes and draws far away from home. She surrounds herself with her close friends, singer-guitarist Shervin Najafian and percussionist Yahya Alkhansa, who share with her nostalgia for their homeland. In her lyrics, she expresses the hope of a regained freedom: the hope of being able to be with her family in real life and not only in memories. At Bozar, Marjan Farsad and her musicians will perform tracks from her new EP, Be Yadam, and from her two self-produced albums, White Tree and Blue Flowers

▷▶︎▷ Want to double your pleasure for a very small price? 

A combined ticket allowing you to attend the two concerts of the evening is on sale for 30 euros, i.e. a saving of 12 euros!

Make the most of the evening to discover Shekki Club: a free installation open to everyone that allows you to compose your own music using samples of traditional and electronic Iranian music.  Pure musical pleasure on the horizon! 

Marjan Farsad
guitar , vocals
Shervin Najafian
back vocals , guitar
Yahya Alkhansa
Federico Bragetti
cello , electric bass
Luis Miguel Aguilar Mula
bass clarinet , clarinet
Mohammad Ebadi




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Moussem Cities Teheran

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Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

Sound level

Level 2 ≤ 95 db



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