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Relive a performance, meet the artists, take a look backstage and explore different themes: here you can delve into the world of Bozar.

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David Hockney at Bozar

A new double exhibition at Bozar of the popular painter David Hockney combines a career overview with brand new work made during the first lockdown.

Anne Daems, Tuinkamer zaalzicht

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About Anne Daems’s "Garden Room"

- By Dirk Pültau

Roger Raveel, Schilderijenoptocht

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The unique visual language of Roger Raveel: 5 symbols deciphered

Roger Raveel Optocht kunstberg 1990

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Roger Raveel all over: monumental statements

Sometimes, Raveel makes statements that are so big, it's hard to ignore them.

Piano Maene

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An Exceptional Piano in the Spotlight

During the Summer Palace Concerts, Bozar invites you to discover the unique sound of the Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand Piano.

Roger Raveel and Hugo Claus at the Centre for Fine Arts in 1983

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Roger Raveel. A personal view of the artist

We return to Raveel's village and talk to four interesting people about the artist and his oeuvre.

Nadine Baboy

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Ontdek Danser Brut door de ogen van Nadine Baboy

Nadine Baboy nodigt je uit haar te volgen in de online video van haar reis door de tentoonstelling.

Roger Raveel, The Parade of Paintings from 1978 in Machelen

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The eternal individualist

In 2021 he would have been 100 years old. Roger Raveel is one of Belgium’s greatest post-war artists.

Illustration of cells

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Cancer and its double: an artistic and scientific project

French artist Sandra Lorenzi and Belgian molecular biologist Jean-Christophe Marine are preparing a compelling project on this subject

Next Generation Please

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Young people and experts attending to the planet

On Friday 19 February, participants of Next Generation, Please! met online for the first time to exchange ideas on climate and the Anthropocene.