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Relive a performance, meet the artists, take a look backstage and explore different themes: here you can delve into the world of Bozar.

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David Hockney at Bozar

A new double exhibition at Bozar of the popular painter David Hockney combines a career overview with brand new work made during the first lockdown.

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4 String Quartets Not to Be Missed

Which is the string quartet for you? Bozar has some tips. 

Afropolitan weekend campagnebeeld

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5 reasons to go to the Afropolitan Weekend

Between 9 and 11 July, lovers of Afropolitan culture will once again make their way to Bozar.

City scape kunstberg NGP!

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Meeting between David Helbich and the young participants of Next Generation, Please!

The young participants had the opportunity to take part in a workshop led by artist David Helbich, the author of Belgian Solutions.

Order of Operations

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Art and mathematics for future generations

The mathematical-artistic exhibition Order of Operations aims to make future generations aware of the beauty and relevance of mathematics.

Moeschal Aalbeke Signal

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Jacques Moeschal: the sculptor whom everyone knows but has never heard of

We all know them, the large concrete sculptures alongside our motorways.

Anne Daems, Tuinkamer zaalzicht

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About Anne Daems’s "Garden Room"

"Garden Room" starts from the standard dream of today’s middle class, who long for the good life in harmony with nature.

- By Dirk Pültau

Roger Raveel, Schilderijenoptocht

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The unique visual language of Roger Raveel: 5 symbols deciphered

Mirrors, squares, mysterious striped characters: a brief introduction to the visual language of Roger Raveel.

Roger Raveel Optocht kunstberg 1990

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Roger Raveel all over: monumental statements

Sometimes, Raveel makes statements that are so big, it's hard to ignore them.