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Construction works around Bozar

In 2024 and 2025, some access roads to the Palace will be difficult to reach for cars. For instance, works will be carried out on Koningsplein by Beliris and Kantersteen will be partially closed due to works on the 'Central Station' metro station by STIB. The roadworks can have an impact on your trip to Bozar. So be sure to leave on time to guarantee a relaxed visit.

Construction works on Koningsplein

A detour is provided to reach Hofbergstraat:

  • Coming from Koningstraat, you drive along the church side and turn off behind the statue;
  • Coming from Regentschapsstraat, you turn off before the statue.

For pedestrians and cyclists, there is a secure zone 3 meters wide around the construction area.

Those coming by tram do not need to worry. Tram 92 and 93 will operate as usual.

Read more here about the future redevelopment of Koningsplein (in French or in Dutch).


Construction works on Kantersteen

From April 2024, a new phase of works being carried out by STIB on the 'Central Station' metro station will begin, which will involve some changes to the traffic plan. Below is a plan of the new traffic situation from 7 April 2024 until the end of 2025.

Kantersteen towards Koloniënstraat will be closed and a diversion will be provided via Kunstberg where it will be possible to turn left into Ravensteinstraat towards Koloniënstraat (via Twelve Apostlesstraat and Kanselarijstraat). 

All traffic coming from Keizerslaan and Kantersteen will have to drive past Bozar. It will therefore be almost impossible to drive by car in the vicinity of the palace from April onwards, taking into account also the major roadworks for the reconstruction of Koningsplein.

For more information, please visit the Access page