Philippe Jaroussky countertenor – Ensemble Artaserse


Aria "Vedro con mio diletto" (Il Giustino, RV 717) Antonio Vivaldi
Aria 'Si la Voglio' (Serse, HWV 40) Georg Friedrich Händel


Cantata "Cessate, omai cessate", RV 684 Antonio Vivaldi
Aria "Mentre dormi Amor fomenti" (L'Olimpiade, RV 725) Antonio Vivaldi
Recitativo e aria "Con questo ferro…Gemo in un punto e fremo" (L'Olimpiade, RV 725) Antonio Vivaldi
Works by Antonio Vivaldi
Aria "L'angue offeso mai riposa" (Giulio Cesare in Egitto, HWV 17) Georg Friedrich Händel
Recitativo & Aria "Ho perso il caro ben" (Il Parnasso in festa, HWV 73) Georg Friedrich Händel
Aria "Ombra cara" (Radamisto, HWV 12) Georg Friedrich Händel
Recitativo e Aria "Vieni d'empietà...Vile, se mi dai morte" (Radamisto, HWV 12a/b) Georg Friedrich Händel
Works by Georg Friedrich Händel

When the Belgian film Farinelli was released in 1994 the phenomenon of the castrato became known to a wider audience. Together with his Ensemble Artaserse, Philippe Jaroussky performs a selection of castrato arias and instrumental works by Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Friedrich Handel. He effortlessly shifts between the role of Licida in Vivaldi’s Olimpiade and that of Sesto in Handel’s Giulio Cesare. He gives voice to the restless Cessate, omai cessate with the same authority and devotion as the solemn and captivating aria Ombra cara. Jaroussky has performed at BOZAR on several occasions and charmed audiences each time with his warm, soft voice and perfect blend of technique and vitality.