Leïla Slimani & Olivier Guez

Writers & Thinkers ’23-’24

Talks & Debates

Bozar brings a number of exceptional voices from the 21st century to its Writers & Thinkers stage. A richly filled series of talks and debates that take you into in-depth discussions on the cutting edge of art and society. The most important writers and thinkers of tomorrow elaborate on the big themes of today. From democracy to diversity to beauty and consolation.

Our 'Writers & Thinkers' stage will again feature authors, thinkers and journalists from Belgium and abroad this autumn. We open the new season with British political scientist Helen Thompson who will talk about the energy crisis. Feminist Mona Chollet – known for her book on witches – will also be there in September. Japanese writer Akira Mizubayashi will talk about his novel Fractured Soul and the healing power of music. There will also be a unique meeting between Philippe Sands and Hisham Matar. The latter will give a keynote on the place of the cosmopolitan today. He has written more than 20 science fiction books - bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson is also one of our many guests this season.Writers Iman Mersal and Adania Shibli discuss the relationship between language and being at home, silence and time. Regulars are Live Magazine, a Climate Talk and the Europe Talk on the state of Europe.


Evens Foundation is the privileged partner of this programme.