Writers & Thinkers ’23-’24

Talks & Debates

Bozar brings a number of exceptional voices from the 21st century to its Writers & Thinkers stage. A richly filled series of talks and debates that take you into in-depth discussions on the cutting edge of art and society. The most important writers and thinkers of tomorrow elaborate on the big themes of today. From democracy to diversity to beauty and consolation.

Talks and Debates will further explore the seasonal theme “dream and act” this spring. Whereas autumn was mainly about the act, in spring, we make way for dreams.  

French economist Thomas Piketty dreams of greater economic equality and will be presenting his new book with Julia Cagé. We’ll be dreaming of a more sustainable future and a better climate at the Climate talk, which will discuss the conclusions of the last COP. And we’ll dream of a world without racism at the Afropolitan Festival. This cannot be done without also fighting class discrimination, posits Sibo Rugwiza Kanobana in his new book.  

But above all, there will be a lot of focus on poetry and literature. We roll out the red carpet for French writer Emmanuel Carrère. There will be an evening spent exploring the boundary between poetry and ecology together with climate poets. There will also be a literary nocturne on Belgian surrealism in the exhibition, during which five writers draw inspiration from the dreamlike paintings of the surrealists. Finally, as part of our exhibition Chantal Akerman: Traveling, we invite Niña Weijers and American poet Eileen Myles, who wrote poetry about Chantal Akerman and is in residency at Bozar.

“The solution should not come from individual citizens, but from large systems. But these will only tilt if we push them in the right direction.” — Geert Buelens 


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