‘Workshop Remix Bozar’

11 Dec.'21
- 14:00

Food Waste Biomaterial Makers Workshop

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Remix El Barrio, the nominated project of STARTS Prize for innovative collaboration is inviting you to a biomaterials workshop at Bozar : ‘Remix Bozar’. One of the most emerging developments that is currently growing rapidly in the field of industrial design, fashion and art is the creation of biobased materials, bio fabricated in laboratories from microorganisms, bacteria and biopolymers. Both industry and consumers demand solutions that propose alternatives to materials derived from petroleum or animals and we believe that the solution needs to be grassroots, engaging our communities and participatory.
​​​​​​​This workshop is a demonstration and hands-on experimentation of material design through bio recipes and manufacturing processes that promote sustainability, circularity, biodegradability and zero waste. You are invited to imagine circular small scale local manufacturing where waste is a resource and cities are metabolic organisms.

Food Waste Biomaterial Makers / Fab Lab Barcelona

Practical information


Bertouille Rotunda

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels


Rue Ravensteinstraat, 23 1000 Brussels


  • English

Some knowledge of English is helpful to attend the workshop.

The ticket for the workshop does also give you access to the STARTS Prize '21 exhibition at Bozar.



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