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Take a look at Danser Brut through the eyes of Nadine Baboy

Danser Brut closed its doors in January and highlighted the connection between dance and involuntary or repetitive movements. We filmed the visit of dancer Nadine Baboy. She invites you to join her on her personal journey of discovery of Danser Brut. A tailor-made exploration – more than just a guided tour – in which she shares her emotions, expert perceptions and explanations of the exhibition.

Dance and involuntary movement

As a dancer, choreographer, actress and poet, the Belgian-Congolese artist Nadine Baboy draws her inspiration from the fusion of artistic and cultural diversity. Her passion for dance and the mixing of genres translates into hybrid movements enriched by the different influences that mark her work, including Afro-contemporary, hip-hop, dancehall and various urban dances such as waacking. This versatile artist is part of the Impulsion Dance collective, with which she has been working since 2009. Her multidisciplinary performances, which put poetry into motion, have been enthusiastically received. In 2016, she received the second prize for her Terre Riche solo at the 1000 Pieces Puzzle from Zinnema, and the following year she won the first Brussels Bijou Prize with her second creation, Désintégration Culturelle, at BOZAR.