Zimmermann Trio

Helsinki Philharmonic OrchestraSusanna Mälkki conductor – Oren Shevlin cello – Tero Saarinen Company dance company – Tero Saarinen choreography – Jenna Broas dance – Misa Lommi dance – David Scarantino dance

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra en forme de pas de trois Bernd Alois Zimmermann


Helsinki Philharmonic OrchestraSusanna Mälkki conductor

The Swan of Tuonela (Lemminkäinen Suite, op. 22/2)
Symphony no. 5, op. 82 Jean Sibelius

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra really thrives in Sibelius’ three-part fifth symphony, but is particularly astounding in B.A. Zimmermann’s Cello concerto “in the form of a ‘pas de trois’”. Titles such as ‘Les trois cygnes blancs’ and ‘La fée, le violoncelle et la contrebasse’ reveal the great evocative power of this music, something which the Tero Saarinen Dance Company is all too keen to make the most of. Their choreography radiates pure joy, a major contrast with the melancholy spirit of the composer, who committed suicide in 1970. All good things come in threes: orchestra, soloist and dance, Sibelius’ three parts and the ubiquity of the number three in Zimmermann’s works.

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