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15 Dec.'19

The Nordics have become something of a global obsession.  Whether as a beacon of progressive and innovative societies, images of breath-taking nature or a bastion of all things design and lifestyle orientated, the reputation of the Nordics precedes them as global advocates and pioneers for social and ecological causes.

The Nordics represent a population of 27 million people stretching from Greenland in the west to Finland in the East, together covering a geographical area equivalent to the seventh largest nation in the world. This vast and diverse region also includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Åland and offers so much to explore beyond the obvious headlines and clichés.  

BOZAR is delighted to invite you to our Nordic Fall in Brussels - as part of our Renaissance 2.0 season - presenting innovative aspects, thinking and creative output on areas where the Nordics continue to innovate and inspire including topics such as urban sustainability, technology and innovation, the arctic and equalities. Join us to also delve deeper under the surface of Nordic Society through artistic expression including Music, Literature, TV and Film.  

The Nordic region often tops studies as one of the happiest regions in the world, but away from the headlines what does this actually mean?  What is it in Nordic Societies that contributes to these accolades but also how do some people fall through the gaps? How does this image tally with some of the darker and more brutal underbelly of human existence presented through the international export that has become Nordic Noir?

Nordic Fall, grab your coat, it’s going to get chilly.

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