Learn a language through songs: this is the idea behind the Languages through Music project. For this edition, Swahili through Music offers a stimulating and refreshing Swahili learning experience together with different artists: Frankie Maston, Mwalimu Wairimu, Chi Temu and Philippa Ndisi-Hermann.

After your registration, you will receive access to:

  • 1 e-book
  • 4 podcasts with each artist
  • 1 YouTube and Spotify playlist
  • 4 online workshop sessions in English
  • And on 31 March, a Q&A session with Desta and the artists will be organised via Zoom.

The first four sessions are pre-recorded, which means you can watch and re-watch them at your leisure. The last session will be a live webinar, during which you can interact with the artists and ask questions.

Organised as part of the Afropolitan Forum, the initiative was organized by Desta Haile in collaboration with local and international artists.