‘Languages Through Music - Africa Special ONLINE’

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28 Apr.'21

Kinyarwanda , Lingala, Swahili

From 15 years old

Learning a language through songs is the aim of the ‘Languages through Music’ project, which combines the pleasure of discovery with the joy of singing. Far from being a minor art, song allows you to go beyond language to discover the culture and history of a people, a region or a community. Each song tells a story through which we can travel, while learning a new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, without the stress of a traditional language class. ‘Languages through Music’ offers four online workshops, a playlist and many other resources, to take us on a stimulating intercultural journey and a refreshing learning experience. Organised as part of the Afropolitan Forum, this initiative, created in collaboration with local artists, will focus on African languages – Swahili, Lingala and Kinyarwanda.



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31 Dec.'22

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With the Kids and Teens

06/02 - 27/02 Kinyarwanda Through Music 
​​​​​​​06/03 -27/03 Swahili Through Music
​​​​​​​03/04 - 28/04 Lingala Through Music ​​​​​​​


The Afropolitan Forum, a programme in partnership with the Africa Museum, is financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation.