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‘The Act of Breathing’

29 Apr. →
31 July'22

The Act of Breathing marks Horst’s ambitions to further nourish exchange and inspiration between the worlds of music and art. We are thrilled to welcome curator Sorana Munsya to curate alongside Horst’s Evelyn Simons, and are joining forces with KANAL-Centre Pompidou Brussels to bring a challenging line-up of artists to Belgium. The result will consist of 11 in-situ artworks engaging with the architectural and symbolic character of the Asiat military base, while three other artists come together at CINEMATEK to be counterparted with a programme of films curated by Monique Mbeka Phoba.


In Brussels, CINEMATEK hosts the works of Mega Mingiedi, Agnès Lalau and Jean Kabuta during the same period, while Monique Mbeka Phoba’s curated movie programme is screened throughout the month of July.



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