‘Afropolitan Kids & Family: Workshop Jeny BSG’

29 May'22
- 14:00

Jeny Bsg no longer requires an introduction! A Brussels-based choreographer, dancer and influencer, Jeny became a web sensation for her dances following her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show in Los Angeles in 2019, along with a young Anae. Today, Jeny has fans all over the world. She loves to share her multiculturalism and is proud to promote different styles of music and cultures while travelling to every continent.
Jeny is involved with young people in general and young women in particular, to encourage them to develop their self-esteem through sports, art and culture.
A fan of the Afropolitan Festival, where she performed in 2020, Jeny is offering a dance workshop that is open to everyone from 8 years of age. 
Great atmosphere guaranteed!
At the end of the workshop, Jeny will talk for 20 minutes with the first Alderman of the City of Brussels, Mr Benoit Hellings, about the potential for emancipation that sport represents for the younger generations. 

Jeny BSG




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26 → 29

Afropolitan Festival 2022

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Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

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Level 2 ≤ 95 db

From 8 years of age



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