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‘Ane is missing (Ane) - David Pérez Sañudo’

4 Oct.'21
- 09:00

MIRADAS - Spain on Film

​​​​​​​This screening will only be available online (via SOONER)​​​​​​

Lide works as a security guard at a railway construction site, a project that has unleashed a wave of protests. As she returns home after a long night shift, she discovers that her teenage daughter, Ane, is not there. Her worry pushes her to inspect Ane’s belongings. Very quickly she will realize that her daughter is an activist of a radical political movement who is involved in the organization of terrorist attacks. She has no time to lose before finding Ane.

David Pérez Sañudo is a director, screen-player and producer based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and Madrid. Since early 2010, his career focuses mainly on direction, production and script for film, theatre and advertising. In 2012, he founded Amania Films with Luis Espinosa, his partner and main producer of the Company.



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MIRADAS - Spain on Film

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  • Spanish
  • Subtitles: English

(ES, 2020, 100’)

​​​​​​​This screening will only be available online (via SOONER)



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