‘Are You Series: Pandore’

12 Dec.'21
- 19:00

Followed by a Q&A with the creators

TV series - BE, 2021, 10x52' (Ep 1&2)
OV: French // ST: English
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Brussels, two months before the federal elections, the political campaign is in full swing. When a young activist is tragically attacked, a chain of events shakes up the lives of an investigating judge, a politician and a journalist. The confrontations between them could profoundly change the face of Belgian politics and the media.

Pandore is the story of a collision, that of justice and politics. It is also the collision of a man and a woman who have each, in a moment of personal crisis, opened Pandora's box and unleashed forces that will lead them inexorably towards a merciless face-off.


Belgique 2021 (10x52’)
Created by Vania Leturcq, Savina Dellicour, Anne Coesens
Written by Vania Leturcq, Savina Dellicour, Anne Coesens
Directed by Vania Leturcq, Savina Dellicour 
Cast: Anne Coesens, Yoann Blanc, Mélissa Diara, Myriem Akheddiou, Salomé Richard
Production: Artémis Productions, RTBF, Proximus 
Broadcaster: RTBF



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ARE YOU SERIES? #8 - TV Series Festival

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  • French
  • Subtitles: English



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