18 Oct.'22

Floating symphonic concert

After water and fire, it is the turn of air to play the lead role in the cycle around the four natural elements. During this interactive concert, we will explore how the air and the natural phenomena in our skies have inspired different composers throughout time and all over the world. Can you hear the birds, insects, clouds, rain or wind? We are going to see them all fly to the music! 

During the concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege, Pieter Fannes, an illustrator, will create live illustrations which will be projected onto the stage. He too was inspired by the sky and makes his own visual interpretations. In preparation, you will receive a teaching folder and instructional videos. Get ready for a tornado of sounds, emotions and airy rhythms! 


Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège
Pieter Fannes
live illustrations
Jeugd En Muziek Brussel
concept & realisation

Practical information


Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS



Primary Education

Primary school (second en third degree)

€ 6 per pupil + one teacher for free per group of 15 pupils.

50 min.

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