‘Ausonia - Combattimento’

8 Dec.'21
- 20:00

Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda is one of Monteverdi's most famous works, based on Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered. Both clad in armour, Tancredi and Clorinda face each other in combat. Tancredi kills his opponent, who turns out to be the woman he loves. Inspired by the character of Clorinda, Claude Ledoux has composed another musical epic, Tomoé, whose heroine is a Onna-musha, a legendary 12th century female samurai, a sublime and surreal fighter with a tragic destiny. In this production that combines dance, martial arts, music and cinema, while bridging past and present and the traditions of East and West, six instrumentalists and three solo singers accompany Noh actor Masato Matsuura and dancer Bruna Gondoni. The aesthetic choreography of the fighting and the projection of a film by Thierry Loreau are combined with poetry, song and the sound of the biwa.

Frédérick Haas
conductor , harpsichord
Furio Zanasi
Heather Newhouse
Storry teller , soprano
Marco Saccardin
baritone , theorbo
Akiko Kubota
biwa , voix
Francisco Javier Mañalich
bassa da viola , tenor
Bruna Gondoni
Masato Matsuura
choreography , dance
Mira Glodeanu
Emmanuelle Dauvin
Isaline Leloup
Thierry Loreau
Johann Hermann Schein

Pavana in a

Michelangelo Rossi

Galliarda detta la Zambalina

Claudio Monteverdi

Con che soavità, labbra adorate

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

Lamento sopra la morte Ferdinandi III

Claudio Monteverdi

Si dolce è'il tormento (Quarto scherzo delle ariose vaghezze)

Claude Ledoux


Claudio Monteverdi

Lamento della Ninfa (Madrigali, libro VIII)

Claudio Monteverdi

Sinfonia a doi violini et una viola da brazzo

Claudio Monteverdi

Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Ottavo libro, Madrigali guerrieri e amorosi)

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