‘Baudouin de Jaer talking about Adolf Wölfli’

19 Dec.'20
- 15:00

Online event

Among the things you will discover during Danser Brut are several works by Adolf Wölfli. This influential artist began drawing at the age of 35 in the Waldau Clinic, a psychiatric hospital in Bern. Upon his death in 1930, he left an impressive collection of 25,000 drawings, 5,000 of which contained indecipherable notes of music within the visual structure. In 2010, Baudouin de Jaer, one of the real experts on Wölfi’s work, published an album with an auditory translation of Wölfi’s mysterious scores. During this lecture recital he unravels all the secrets. 

Baudouin de Jaer

Practical information

You can watch this online event from 19/12 - 15:00 on this page.