‘Beethoven Pianoforte sessions: Sayuri Nagoya & Ronan Kernoa’

11 Dec.'20
- 20:00

Online event

Listen to Beethoven’s music as it would have sounded in its day! The Beethoven Pianoforte Sessions, part of the HOTEL BEETHOVEN exhibition, offer the audience the subtle sounds of the fortepiano, the ancestor to the modern piano. The Japanese pianist Sayuri Nagoya takes advantage of this series to make you hear - and love! - the music of Anton Eberl, Mozart's friend and Beethoven's contemporary. She is joined by French cellist Ronan Kernoa in Beethoven's Variations.

​​​​​​​Watch this concert and the Beethoven Pianoforte Sessions series.

Sayuri Nagoya
Ronan Kernoa
Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Sonata no. 8, op. 13, "Pathétique"

Anton Eberl

Variations on "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen"

Ludwig van Beethoven

Variations on "Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen" (The Magic Flute), op. 66


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