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‘Beirut, Eye of the Storm - Mai Masri’

16 Apr.'22
- 20:30

Four young women artists in Beirut document a turbulent period in Lebanese history, from the momentous October 2019 uprising against the ruling regime to the subsequent lockdown and then, just months later, the massive explosion at the port. Noel and Michelle are two multi-talented sisters whose avant-guard songs have made them the voice of their generation. Hanine is a cutting-edge journalist whose in depth outlook defies her young age and takes us into another side of Lebanon we rarely see. Lujain is a fearless Iraqi camerawoman who has a unique insight into the Lebanese uprising and its connections to the Arab Spring. Will the young women be able to hold onto their dream of a new Lebanon? 

Mai Masri is a Beirut-based Palestinian filmmaker who studied film at San Francisco State University, USA. She reached international acclaim with her debut feature film, 3000 Nights (2015). She is also known for her humanistic and poetic documentaries such as Children of Fire (1990) and Frontiers of Dreams and Fears (2001). Her films were screened worldwide and won over 90 international awards. 

In the framework of L’heure d’hiver Beirut

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