‘The body in rhythm with Baptiste Vaes’

1 June'21
- 18:30

At the core of music is rhythm, and at the core of rhythm is you! Rhythm is a major element of music, present in all cultures. It is also everywhere in our daily lives, though we may not always realise it. Playing with body and voice in rhythm is therefore a wonderful way to make music together and to connect to the flow of life. You don’t need any musical experience to take part in this workshop led by Baptiste Vaes of the Chispa association.
​​​​​​​Organised at See U as part of Singing Brussels, it is open to everyone aged 15 and over.



Vocal music

10 May →
6 June'21

Singing Brussels

Practical information


  • French

Sound level

Level 1 ≤ 85 db

Registration required.

This activity is organised in line with public health measures, outdoors and with seating. You must wear a mask throughout the activity. In case of bad weather, please bring protective clothing or an umbrella.



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