‘Bozar Electronic Series: Kali Malone presents Does Spring Hide Its Joy feat. featuring Lucy Railton and Stephen O’Malley’

1 Nov.'21
- 19:00

Kali Malone is an American composer and musician based in Stockholm. She combines acoustic instruments – such as the pipe organ – with electronics to weave harmonic textures into a minimalist and captivating universe. Her works are like monoliths of sound that alter perception and offer a space of refuge, which can be attained through contemplation. At Bozar, Kali Malone presents Does Spring Hide its Joy, an immersive experience created in collaboration with Stephen O’Malley, aka SOMA, musician, composer, producer and visual artist, and Lucy Railton, British cellist and performer and co-founder of the London Contemporary Music Festival. Originally six hours long, Does Spring Hide its Joy is a study in long form and non-linear compositional duration. It came about in Berlin at Funkhaus & Monom during the Spring 2020 lockdown.

Kali Malone
Stephen O’Malley
electric guitar
Lucy Railton
Kali Malone

Does Spring Hide Its Joy

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Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

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