‘Chiaroscuro Quartet & Cedric Tiberghien’

7 June'24
- 20:00

Beethoven & Brahms

The String Quartet No. 7 was the first of three string quartets Ludwig van Beethoven wrote for Andrey Razumovsky. The Russian ambassador not only initiated but also presented a talented team of musicians. It challenged Beethoven to further explore the quartet as a musical form and compose a concert piece rather than a salon work. In gratitude, he incorporated a Russian dance theme in the final movement. Johannes Brahms, in his Piano Quintet Op. 34, borrowed the intense expression of Beethoven and the lyrical character of Schumann. Melody and drama take each other to unknown heights in this masterpiece by Brahms. Yet the work only saw the light of day after several reworkings and suggestions by Joseph Joachim and Clara Schumann. How Brahms thanked them, we are left to guess. Perhaps Chiaroscuro Quartet and pianist Cédric Tiberghien have the answer ready.  

Chiaroscuro Quartet
string ensemble
Alina Ibragimova
Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux
Emilie Hörnlund
Claire Thirion
Cédric Tiberghien
Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet no. 7, op. 59/1, "Razumovsky"

Johannes Brahms

Piano Quintet, op. 34

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