‘Circle Singing with Sarah Klenes & François Vaiana’

31 May →
5 June'21

Music in voice and movement

Do you like singing in a group? Would you like to explore your voice and music in movement? As part of Singing Brussels, you can now enrol in a fun workshop on ‘circle songs’ organised at See U. Sound, rhythm games and improvisation will be part of this workshop based on an oral and listening approach. You don’t need to be able to read music in order to take part. The workshop will be led by Sarah Klenes, dancer and singer, and François Vaiana, singer, author and composer. In addition to their respective professional careers, they also organise workshops on improvisation, voice and movement.

The workshop is organised on two dates:

  • 31 May: in English
  • 5 June: in French

You can choose your preferred date when you register.

Vocal music

10 May →
6 June'21

Singing Brussels

Practical information


See U

Avenue de la Couronne 227 1050 Ixelles


  • French

Sound level

Level 1 ≤ 85 db

Registration required.

This activity is organised in line with public health measures, outdoors and with seating. You must wear a mask throughout the activity. In case of bad weather, please bring protective clothing or an umbrella.