‘Congolisation : Nzimbu - Pegguy Tabu chante Rochereau’

17 Jan.'15



22:00 Nzimbu
In the kikongo language of the former Kingdom of Kongo, "Nzimbu" means song, fortune, harking back to a time when little cowry shells were used as small change. Here "Nzimbu" is a musical bridge between the two banks of the turbulent river which separates two Congos of Ray Lema [Congo- Kinshasa], and Ballou Canta and Fredy Massamba [Congo- Brazaville]. Three generations and three timbres which are rooted in deepest Africa but also in the Africa of today, anchored in the urban reality of the greats. Nzimbu is all about acoustic aesthetics, a combination of Ray Lema’s piano and Rodrigo Viana’s guitar, straight from Brazil, the lost child of Africa.
Ray Lema vocals and piano - Fredy Massamba vocals - Ballou Canta vocals - Rodrigo Viana guitar

00:00 Pegguy Tabu sings Rochereau
Production Observatoire Bayaya
Singer, Author, Composer, Producer, son of the famous Congolese singer Tabu Ley Rochereau. He was born into a family of artists and grew up in an artistic and musical universe, never losing sight of his African roots. Things really took off for Pegguy when he got involved in urban music. He was in the chorus for several big names from the French and Belgian music scene. He collaborates with prestigious artists such as Diam’s, Vitaa, Sefyu, La Fouine, Booba, Youssoupha, Big Ali, and Papa Wemba in Africa, etc. Some of these collaborations resulted in numerous awards, including several gold discs and a diamond disc. In 2012, Pegguy and his brother Abel decided to create the label TabuWorld Music Group and to release their own musical projects. He joined Afrisa International, his father’s mythical orchestra to honour the songs of the African music icon that is Tabu Ley Rochereau. Pegguy rapidly became the lead singer of this orchestra and now answers to the name of Pegguy Tabu Ley.


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