Detours Festival

‘Detours Cyphers 2021’

18 Aug. →
8 Sept.'21

As part of the Detours Festival, a celebration of urban art in several cities in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Bozar presents Detours Cyphers: off-the-wall dance battles that the audience gets to judge!


Detours Cyphers: Disabilities (18/08)
The event opens with an epic battle between disabled and able-bodied dancers, who compete with a “handicap” – blindfolded, without the use of certain body parts, with added weight… May the most creative win! You will be the judge!
Detours Cyphers: Abstrkt (08/09)
This second battle is a must-see festival event. Creativity is key: the goal is to be as original as possible, with a focus on improvisation rather than technique. A live group will perform free jazz. Who will win the prize? You will be the judge!

Practical information


Mont des Arts | Kunstberg

1000 Brussels

In the framework of

  • Urban Summer