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‘Dj Rafael Aragon’

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Rafel Aragon aka Rafiralfiro is a DJ/producer musically rooted in Arab and Latin cultures, having grown up in a cosmopolitan world in the Paris suburbs. At the age of 20 he started producing beats, obsessed with the idea of combining folk music with more electronic rhythms and creating a balance between organic and synthetic. A jack-of-all-trades, he then composed soundtracks for films and documentaries, instrumentals for rappers and performed live. He carries the notion of travel at the heart of his artistic projects, and his music evolves between latintronics, oriental bass and electronica with Balkan and African accents.

Dj Rafael Aragon



Talks & Debates


With the Kids and Teens

11 June'22
- 14:00

CubaLandz - Contemporary Cuban Art: Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Cinema, Literature, Family Activities

Practical information



Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

Sound level

Level 3 ≤ 100 db. Free earplugs

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