‘an evening with Leonid Parfyonov’

11 Mar.'23
- 19:30

Leonid Parfyonov "Namedni and Always”

Leonid Parfyonov "Namedni and Forever” (Russian: “Намедни и всегда”)

The renowned journalist and TV presenter is hosting series of evenings on the occasion of the release of a new edition of "Namedni. Our era. 1961-1970" (Russian: “Намедни. Наша эра. 1961-1970”). The eleventh book in the series is the largest and most richly illustrated. Leonid Parfyonov will also present his other projects: recent films and the TV series "Namedni", which has now been re-launched on YouTube. Audience questions will be answered and an autograph session with “Namedni” books will be held at the end of the event.

Books will be presented in limited quantities. Therefore we recommend you to make a PRE-order for books by hotline on Whatsapp https://wa.me/message/ANHVSVANHCGUA1 or by e-mail booking.themeetingpoint@gmail.com.

"Namedni. Our era. 1961-1970." (Edition 2022). 
Russian: “Намедни. Наша эра. 1961-1970”

This book tells the story of a crucial decade in the history of the Soviet Union, the period from 1961 to 1970. The Thaw, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the first flight into space, the Prague Spring - all these phenomena are presented in the book as equal parts of a huge mosaic consisting of political events, fashion novelties, idols, hobbies of the time.
When did we start celebrating New Year's Eve by watching the TV show "Goluboy ogonek"? Since when do we go to the country house at the weekend? Why did wedding palaces come into being? What kind of alcoholic drinks did desperate men drink? 
Many of the everyday habits and political trends that are still present in our lives today originated back then. Talking about the past, Parfyonov never forgets about the present.

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