‘Family concert: Senny Camara’

28 Apr.'24
- 15:00

This concert is for children (and their parents) aged 6 and over.

Senny Camara is considered one of the rare women in the world of the kora - an instrument traditionally reserved for men. The musician became familiar with Senegal's deep musical roots from an early age. And it is also from contact with traditional repertoires, such as the chants that sound during the mystical ndeup rite, that her passion for music was born: "J'aimais cette ambiance, et j'y ai trouvé ma voie." After starting out as a singer, Camara devoted herself to the kora and perfected her skills at the Dakar conservatory. On her debut EP BOOLO, Camara shows her mastery and her supple voice shines alongside a guitar, double bass and balafon. She moves and amazes us with a wide range of songs: from a reworked traditional song about a forced marriage to a call for more balance, unity and solidarity.

Senny Camara
kora , vocals
Thierry Fournel
choir , guitar
Ahmed Selin Mido
Honoré Kouadio

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24 → 28

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Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels


With the Kids and Teens

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Level 2 ≤ 95 db

For children aged 6 and over.



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