Belgian National Orchestra


13 Jan.'23


The world we live in today does not function without electricity. In the past, a large part of the electricity was produced by nuclear power. As a result, Belgium has a lot of nuclear waste that needs to be stored safely for thousands of years: a challenge for present and future generations. How to mark the places where the nuclear waste is stored? And how to maintain them?
Video artist Eva L'Hoest was invited by the Belgian National Orchestra and ONDRAF/NIRAS - the National Agency for Radioactive Waste
and Enriched Fissile Materials - to create a performance that reflects on the long-term consequences of our nuclear waste. It does so on the basis of four 20th century musical works, conducted by conductor Jesko Sirvend. A haunting performance that asks questions about the past and the future in a poetic way.
After a performance for the general public in December, we propose a performance for schools in January, which is the culmination of a whole project to find long-term solutions for radioactive waste. The programme also includes an educational and entertaining workshop just before the concert.

Students will be able to:
✓ Learn about an artist's personal work and vision for music
✓ Learn about a symphony orchestra and several great works of the 20th century
✓ Be made aware of environmental and societal issues

Belgian National Orchestra
Jesko Sirvend
Gerben van der Werf
Eva L'Hoest

Practical information


Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS



Secondary Education

Secondary school (Second and third degree)


€ 6 per pupil + one teacher for free per group of 15 pupils

Free workshop before the concert - Places are limited.


Optional workshop: 60 min

Concert: 50 min. + 20 min of animation in the end 


10:45 Arrival at Bozar

11:00 Start of the concert

11:50 Drop a message in the

time capsule at the exit

12:05 End of the concert


13:15 Arrival at Bozar

13:30 Start of the concert

14:20 Drop a message in the

time capsule at the exit

14:35 End of the concert



Via the request form.