‘Fulu Act: A gaze born out of movement’

20 Jan. →
8 Apr.'21

In his collaboration with Ndaku ya La vie Est Belle and Farata, two performance collectives from Kinshasa, photographer Colin Delfosse has chosen to capture a moment. A fleeting instant defined by the performers’ gaze into the lens: Eddy Ekete, Precy Numbi, Pape Noir, Falonne Mambu, Nada Tshibwabwa and Junior Lohaka. Their reality triggers awareness, raising questions about the society we would like to live in. Ephemeral as they may be, these moments nestle themselves into our consciousness. 

The performers’ upright posture and physical presence become sculptural and monumental. Maybe there are answers here to some of the questions that face a city like Brussels, still unsure how to look at those ghosts from the past, elevated to the rank of heroes. Perhaps they could be a new interpretation of society and exchange in our era. What if these fleeting images are stronger than all those plinths made of stone?  

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BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

On the outside of the Centre for Fine Arts | rue Royale Koningsstraat