‘Of Gates and Of Deserts - Loredana Bianconi’

24 Sept.'22
- 20:30

A poem written in prose is written on the screen, sentence by sentence: the tale of an Odyssey of migrants from yesterday to nowadays. Alongside the text, archive images, paintings and contemporary pictures answer each other. A strong and shattering cinematographic work.

Loredana Bianconi (1954) was born in Belgium and studied applied arts, philosophy and literature in Bologna. She also followed theatre courses at the Nuova Scena. Bianconi then turned to the audiovisual scene. She directed the fiction film La Mina (1989) and  documentaries, among others : Do You Remember Revolution (1997), Devenir (2004) and La vie autrement (2005). Of Gates and of Deserts is her last work.

A film critique (in French) to discover more details about Loredana Bianconi's film.

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Subtitles: English
  • Original version: French

(BE, 2021, DCP, 83')



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