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‘Hans Beckers’

22 Mar.'24
- 20:00

La Floresta

Hans Beckers works at the intersection of music and sound art. In La Floresta he explores the relationship between people, nature and technology. What did the music of our distant ancestors sound like? What instruments did they use? And what do silence and sound mean in the 21st century? Beckers found inspiration in sand, seeds, stones and other natural materials and used them to build visual sound objects that are motorised and mechanically driven. They share the stage with Beckers in this performance as equals, along with the wind players Berlinde Deman and Nathan Daems. Do people manipulate objects, or vice versa? Somewhere between concert and sound installation, a deep listening experience is created that has the power to connect people with each other and their environment.

Hans Beckers
clarinet , composition , concept , guitar , installation , production , soundscape
Berlinde Deman
Nathan Daems
kaval , ney , tenor saxophone
Indré Jurgelevičiūtė
kanklès , voice
Gregor Van Mulders
technical realisation set

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Early music


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