9 Feb.'21
- 12:40


Living as a black woman in a white world is something that is always highly visible yet at the same time almost invisible. In recent years the writer Dalilla Hermans has been investigating her own experiences in her books and columns. In what is her first play she captures the special connection that exists between black women.

Together with the actress Abigail Abraham she compiled a guest list of inspiring black women in Flanders and Brussels and invited them to spend 24 hours at the Villa Hellebosch. A total of 31 women showed up and revealed all, from intense joy to traumas they never knew they had. Her(e) sees Abigail Abraham take the stage, not in a monologue but in a dialogue between black women and how they are seen by white women.

Abigail Abraham
actors, co-creation
Dalilla Hermans
concept, director, set design, text
Harmony Benegusenga
photography, sound engineer, videography
Carolina França
co-creation, dramaturgy


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