11 Oct.'22
- 20:00

Voodoo Cello

The French soul/jazz/blues singer and activist Imany will bring her latest project, ‘Voodoo Cello’, to BOZAR in Brussels. ‘Voodoo Cello’ is the spellbinding, loving marriage between the deep tone of Imany’s voice and eight cellos. 

For the past ten years, Imany's deep voice has turned on audiences, to the beat of tunes tapping into soul, folk and blues repertoires. With the triumph of her two hit singles ‘Don’t Be So Shy’ and ‘You Will Never Know’, her two albums, all the way to the original soundtrack of the film ‘Sous les jupes des filles’, Imany has been collecting success after success, all over the world. 

Imany took her time to find her own path, but she found a rhythm that was just right. In 2011, she released ‘The Shape of a Broken Heart’, an album that sounds like the beginning of an unstoppable climb to the top, carried by the single ‘You Will Never Know’. Imany has since carved her singular place, somewhere between folk soul and blues rock. Seemingly effortless, her unique style has left an indelible mark: furious melancholy, unmistakable voice, lyrics cut from the cloth of life. 

Seven years later, her second album, ‘The Wrong Kind of War’, stays true to the course she has set: a sound that blends and transcends individual styles. The result is an unqualified success that has secured her place at the top. With more than 400,000 albums sold around the world, the record went platinum in France, propelled by the single ‘Don’t Be So Shy’, a number one hit getting more airplay than any other and boasting the most streams in 15 countries! Certified diamond in France, Germany and Poland, this gem has earned itself a spot in Shazam’s Hall of Fame.

After taking a break, to rest from a series of long international tours, Imany is now coming back up on stage to blend the tone of her voice with the warm acoustic sounds of a cello orchestra. With ‘Voodoo Cello’, Imany casts a spell on 8 cellos, transforming prominent hits in the history of pop music (from Radiohead to Cat Stevens, Donna Summer, Hozier, t.A.t.u. and Bob Marley). Quite naturally, she taps into the combined magic of strings and of her voice to bewitch her audience and to raise people's awareness to the power of women's unique energy.


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Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS



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