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27 Nov.'22
- 19:30

Indian & Western Classical music infused with Jazz and Catalan influences.

Sitting on the piano bench and improvising means, for Vignesh, an act of looking into a mirror: not knowing sometimes how to put words to what goes on inside oneself, an intrapersonal abstraction is created out of these improvisations.

The originated pieces are preserved the way they were, since they encapsulate that very moment, and they help recognize, without words, feelings that may seem abstract but that can make anyone of the listeners feel identified with.

The style can be described as minimal and transcendental music of various musical genre influences: from Indian classical music to western classical piano, modal jazz, atmospheric pop and catalan music.

Singer-Musician: Vignesh Melwani (Piano)
Musician: Carla González Ferrer (Double bass)


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