Korean Cultural Center

‘Itaewon - Garam Kangyu’

19 Sept.'21
- 17:00

Followed by a digital Q&A with the director

Itaewon, once known as a red-light district surrounding the U.S. military base in Korea, has recently been viewed as a hot area that symbolizes multinational restaurants and cultures in the media. This documentary is a story of three women who have been living in Itaewon, Seoul since the era that the town was run by U.S dollars of the U.S. Army.

After working as an assistant director and a producer of distribution for ‘The Girl Princes' (2012), Garam Kangyu directed My Father’s House (2011), a story of her family and the property bubbles in South Korea. She also produced a documentary film about abortion and women, Let’s Dance (2013).

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