‘It’s All a Plan - Joana Mendes Da Rocha, Patricia Rubano’

12 May'22
- 20:00


A film by Joana Mendes Da Rocha and Patricia Rubano
Brazil | 2017 | 1 h 13 min
Portuguese | Subtitles: English

This documentary looks back at the life and work of Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Brazil's most famous contemporary modern architect. Born in 1928 and with over sixty years' practical experience, he recounts his remarkable life trajectory through a series of interviews with his own daughter, Joana. With her, he revisits several emblematic architectural sites from his career. He pragmatically puts forward his thoughts on urbanism, nature, humanity, art and technology. His intellectual and in-depth discourse on architecture, his inventiveness and his achievements, including in the field of design, have earned him the prestigious Pritzker Prize and the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, placing him in the pantheon of contemporary architecture. The result of great rapport, the father-daughter dialogue gives rise to secrets and exchanges of ideas that reveal the ingenious, passionate and inexhaustible nature of a humble and endearing man whose mark is that of a giant.

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