‘KEOEEIT. Northern Lights Simulator’

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I Love Science Festival 23

KEOEEIT – Northern Lights Simulator

For the 2023 edition of the I Love Science Festival, Bozar is offering you an artistic installation to help you better understand the meteorological phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, in order to stimulate creative, singular and critical reflection on the environmental challenges currently facing our society. The installation by Belgian digital artist Mathieu Zurstrassen is called KEOEEIT*, which in Inuit is the name given to the veils of light that appear during the period before daylight. This is a sound and visual installation consisting of a unique device simulating the luminous phenomena characterised by coloured veils in the night sky at the poles during periods of strong geomagnetic activity. These phenomena are more commonly known as the "polar aurora borealis" or "northern lights/southern lights". The installation is powered by data from 13 observatories around the world. 

This event takes place outside Bozar at Tour & Taxis, as part of the I Love Science festival


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