‘La Mente che mente. A path toward joy’

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Pippo Delbono

BOZAR hosts the exhibition La Mente che mente.  A path toward joy by Pippo Delbono. Enter the director’s brilliant and troubled mind: in this intimate approach, the artist reveals his inner exile, his struggles with himself, his confrontation with his own escapes, looking himself in the face, without make-believe or false pretences. “It takes much greater strength to fight oneself than to fight against external demons,” he wrote in his book The Gift of the Self.
Wade through a maze of films never shown before, soundtracks, interviews, photos, sketches, … A fascinating portrait of a masterful artist at grips with himself, staging his relationship to truth, art, but also to deprivation and loss.

Pippo Delbono (born 1959) has been a director, actor, choreographer, dancer and filmmaker for more than thirty years. The image – both video and photographic – plays a major role in his theatrical work, and Delbono also makes films himself.

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